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We select special home gifts that are unique for anyone. We carry many different types of home decor for every style home.  For starters, we carry Gorham Crystal and Mariposa.


Natale From Arte Italica



Our newest arrival is from Arte Italica.  Stop by to see the Natale Collection which is a lovely, hand-painted collection ideal for celebrating throughout the winter season.  Berries and pine boughs surround graceful, snowy evergreens on each of these one-of-a-kind pieces.  Handmade in Italy.  Dishwasher safe on the low heat setting.  Microwaveable.




Throughout 2016, we expanded our stock of Polish Pottery which has been produced in Poland since 1830. Each piece is hand-formed and hand-decorated using a unique technique. Decorative motifs are applied to the surface of the pottery with small stamps soaked in paint.

Polish Pottery 4

Polish Pottery 3

Polish Pottery 1

Polish Pottery 2

Polish Pottery 6



Another one of the lines is Beatriz Ball which is a collection of beautiful polished aluminum trays, bowls and picture frames. Each one is carefully polished to give the line a unique look and feel.

Beatriz Ball 2Beatriz Ball 1





We also have a line of novelty home decor that can be used for holidays or everyday. Some of those include Byer’s Choice and Willow Tree angels.